Looking at my reflection in a puddle I saw a beggar a shoe on her hand hope in her eyes no one saw her I think, except for I. Everyone glided by gazing at the glimmer of expensive trinkets they didn’t need in the shop windows streaked with tears.
My eyes caught by long aching hills beyond, blue swells. A vagabond sun invites me makes me sleep makes me dream makes me cry, for my love - what if…
Connect What takes place in the micro second between screen swipe and post like? my fingertips underneath algorithmic worms data devouring shitting it…
You have a poet's heart They said Too bad I shrugged it all away In countless nights and days ash trays and bedrooms Too bad I threw it all away…
I want to be the bozo on the bus who nobody notices part of the scenery of life I don’t want to have to sit with all these strangers share the times I…
drowning i feel the embrace of all these excellent strangers for a time we are united forgetting we have lives outside of this moment
I saw you floating your tiny body lost among the white waves of your bed the currents carried you away toward the estuary driftwood we stretched out for…
(after Sleeping Gypsy, by Henri Rousseau (France) 1897)
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